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Barefoot Ski and Wake is here to provide you with the best equipment for our sport of Barefooting Skiing, Slalom Skiing, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing and Hydrofoil Riding. After getting into the sport I found several suppliers offering substandard equipment. I found this tiring and expensive. I just didn’t have time for stuff that just didn’t work or hold up.

My site is created with products that have been tested and provide the value and quality that you expect. We know your busy so by visiting Barefoot Ski and Wake you are assured of nothing but quality products and customer support!

In our store you will find Barefoot Wet Suits, Wakeboarding Vests, Heater Shirts, Padded Shorts and Dry Suits from Eagle Sports. Eagle Sports is a top manufacture right here in the United States. There is nothing but quality in their products and accessories.

At Barefoot Ski and Wake you will also find Barefoot International’s products. They supply us with Barefoot Suits, Heater Shirts, and a great line of Ropes and Handles. All of the BI handles float. In today’s world of Outboards, Inboards and Inboard/Outboards “ IO’s” , the last thing we need is sinking ski lines and handles to foul our props. Barefoot International is also providing a great and proven line of Barefoot Booms, Wake Towers, Pylons and Accessories.

Fly High is our supplier of Fat Sacs for those boats without ballast tanks or for those who want to add a bit more to their factory systems. Flying High also manufactures Towers, Pylons and the very popular Tower Extension or “Super Fly High” which gives you an extra 6’ of lifting pull above your tower and a must if your going to compete.

For those hot summer days we carry Horizon brand Soft Coolers. Horizon coolers are American made and are guaranteed leak proof. I purchased my cooler back in 1995 and it is still going strong. I had to go to a boat show to purchase them, so I became a dealer so you could buy them year round from the comfort of your computer. One of the great features is it’s soft and will not harm your boat, and is easily stores when not in use. Horizon also supplies us with dock lines. Their lines are also made here in the USA.

Thank you for shopping with us and check in again as we have updates and product changes regularly. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We have geared the site as well as the purchasing process based off of our customer’s feedback. QMDJ Enterprises is constantly trying to improve your experience with us. If your dealings with us are great tell others, if not we want to hear about it. Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied. If you have any problems or suggestions please notify us immediately so we can take appropriate action. Contact Us page Link